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New Pratt & Moody 7" just arrived from the plant

Kiitos loppuunmyydylle G Livelabille, Verneri Pohjolalle ja myös Wilcon Glenn Kotchelle, joka kävi vierailemassa Juhon rumpujakkaralla! Tänä lauantaina 14.4. tapaamme Porvoon taidetehtaalla klo 19 - tervetuloa!

We performed live in the studio for the Genelec artist room series with a little help from our friends Glenn Kotche and Verneri Pohjola plus the usual suspects Juho Viljanen, Jeremias Ijäs and Miikka "McGyver" Paatelainen. Tommi "Master Fader" Vainikainen recorded it and Jori Grönroos shot the whole thing, including this photo. To be released in the near future.

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“Tuomo & Markus is a new musical project from acclaimed Finnish soul/jazz artist Tuomo Prättälä and singer/songwriter Markus Nordenstreng of The Latebirds. The duo’s music has been described as Nordic Americana and neo folk with jazz, soul and prog-rock influences. Their haunting harmonies complement each other much like in the cases of Simon & Garfunkel or Crosby Stills Nash.

Tuomo & Markus recorded their debut album ‘Dead Circles’ in Tucson AZ. The spontaneous sessions at Wavelab Studios featured many high profile guests, including various members of Wilco, Calexico and The Jayhawks.

Since the sessions in Arizona Tuomo & Markus have transformed into a stellar 6-piece live band, featuring Finnish jazz trumpet sensation Verneri Pohjola. Jazz and psychedelic influences have become more and more evident at their ambitious live shows, drawing the attention of critics like David Fricke who hailed the band in Rolling Stone Magazine recently and Kevin Cole from KEXP who in turn invited Tuomo & Markus for a live session when they performed in Seattle.

Tuomo & Markus have also recorded several 7″ soul singles for Stylart/Timmion Records under the alias Pratt & Moody.

The duo’s music has been featured in various films, documentaries and commercials.

‘Dead Circles’ will be released in North America through Schoolkids Records/Redeye Distribution on May 4. “




Genreral questions: info @ tuomomarkus.com

Management: Knitting Factory Management

Label: Grandpop Records/Schoolkids Records

Hög Music

Publicity: Missing Piece Group (North America)
Hei Hei Media (Scandinavia)

Licensing: Warner/Chappell Music