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We had the pleasure of sharing the stage with writer/activist Sofi Oksanen Official & others at Suomen Pen Finnish Pen 's event. One of the objectives of the event was to spread information about the situation of Oleg Sentsov, a Ukrainian writer and filmmaker imprisoned on political grounds in Russia and on a hunger strike. Look it up.

We felt the urgent need to send a message to presidents Trump and Putin who will be meeting in our hometown of Helsinki on Monday. Bob Dylan’s apocalyptic Political World seemed like the perfect choice.
We cut the track 100% live in the studio and the video was directed by our friend Antti Kujanpää who used archival war footage, most of which is quite recent.
When Bob Dylan’s song was originally conceived some thirty years ago - at least from a Finnish kid’s perspective - the world looked quite a bit more hopeful, optimistic and less polarized. World leaders seemed more eager and motivated to build peace, find common ground and tear down existing walls instead of building new ones.
While we believe in constructive dialogue, we strongly oppose to the existing world views and politics of Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin. Human rights, freedom of speech, gender equality nor climate change don’t seem to fit in their vocabulary.
To quote Mr. Dylan, we are currently living in a political world where love don’t have any place, leaders commit faceless crimes, wisdom gets thrown into jail, courage seems like a thing of the past, peace is not welcome at all and the next day could be our last. Please prove us wrong.
To further prove our point, we will be joining the demonstrations on the streets of Helsinki.

#Helsinkicalling #Trumputin #wecare #helsinkiforhumanrights #makehumanrightsgreatagain

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“Tuomo & Markus is a new musical project from acclaimed Finnish soul/jazz artist Tuomo Prättälä and singer/songwriter Markus Nordenstreng of The Latebirds. The duo’s music has been described as Nordic Americana and neo folk with jazz, soul and prog-rock influences. Their haunting harmonies complement each other much like in the cases of Simon & Garfunkel or Crosby Stills Nash.

Tuomo & Markus recorded their debut album ‘Dead Circles’ in Tucson AZ. The spontaneous sessions at Wavelab Studios featured many high profile guests, including various members of Wilco, Calexico and The Jayhawks.

Since the sessions in Arizona Tuomo & Markus have transformed into a stellar 6-piece live band, featuring Finnish jazz trumpet sensation Verneri Pohjola. Jazz and psychedelic influences have become more and more evident at their ambitious live shows, drawing the attention of critics like David Fricke who hailed the band in Rolling Stone Magazine recently and Kevin Cole from KEXP who in turn invited Tuomo & Markus for a live session when they performed in Seattle.

Tuomo & Markus have also recorded several 7″ soul singles for Stylart/Timmion Records under the alias Pratt & Moody.

The duo’s music has been featured in various films, documentaries and commercials.

‘Dead Circles’ will be released in North America through Schoolkids Records/Redeye Distribution in September 2018. “




Genreral questions: info @ tuomomarkus.com

Management: Knitting Factory Management

Label: Grandpop Records/Schoolkids Records

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